The Compass team is life science-educated.

Compass Life Science Leads began in 2005 as a collaboration of experience, knowledge and passion for helping the biotechnology industry connect with one customer at a time. Based in the greater Chicago area, the tech savvy Compass team reaches clients from the East to West Coast as well as across the Atlantic.



Will Volny has 30 years of experience working for companies that sell and market to scientists in R&D/manufacturing at pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies, as well as with life science researchers working for government agencies, academia, and non-profits. Prior to founding Compass, he headed  the lead development team at GE Healthcare Biosciences. In previous years, Will was heavily involved in technical support roles, managing groups, training, and maintaining knowledge databases. His technical area of focus was in molecular biology, assays, and instrumentation used by the pharmaceutical industry. He obtained his Masters degree in Biology at the Illinois Institute of Technology.



Gloria Hall, vice-president of Marketing and Sales for Compass Life Science Leads since 2005, has a background in sales and marketing in the diagnostic imaging industry and as the managing director of a hospital imaging center.  At Compass, Gloria focuses on staff training and education, lead generation, and marketing.


Marketing Project Manager & Creative Director

Based in the Chicago area, Kelly has been working in the Life Sciences for over eight years, both inside and outside of the laboratory, as well as in the classroom.  Her scientific background includes research in the fields of immunology and molecular biology, teaching biology and chemistry, and government policy work related to science and technology.  As for creative endeavors, Kelly has been a designer for many years, with skills in web/digital design, SEO, and UX. She loves incorporating technology into her workflow and is always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency through automation. At Compass, Kelly works on marketing projects for clients and serves as creative director. She holds a BS from Marquette University, an MA from University of Kent (UK) and is conversant in French, basic Spanish and travel-friendly German.

Additional Staff