Thermo Fisher Scientific

TFS (Life Technologies) wanted to increase their sales in the assay market.  To do so, they created an inbound promotion campaign for the product line and tasked Compass with qualifying the sizable list of leads generated from it.  The project generated a significant sales increase and was extended numerous times due to its success.  


Agilent Technologies

The need for the project arose from a change in US government regulations regarding a certain laboratory test.  As the vendor of an assay for this particular test, Agilent Technologies wanted to investigate how this new development might affect their sales landscape, and thus also impact their marketing strategy, which had been focused more on academic research organizations up until that point.  Compass was tasked with investigating how the healthcare sector was implementing this change. To do so, Compass performed industry research to pinpoint potential targets, and then conducted impromptu phone interviews with those individuals, generating both quantitative and qualitative deliverables for our client.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

TFS has a robust marketing platform that has really embraced the human-era approach and created some amazing outreach campaigns. Compass has supported numerous such events held by TFS both with pre-event outreach marketing to boost attendance as well as post-event follow-up surveys and lead qualification to ensure events are successful and leads generated are moved quickly into their pipeline.


GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare ultimately wanted to increase sales of their equipment in Europe in areas outside of the core sectors that use their equipment.  To do so, they needed to learn more about companies in these non-traditional areas that have purchased their technology. They tasked Compass with contacting these companies to interview current or past users regarding how they used the instrument and any novel applications they have created for their purpose.  Compass conducted interviews and delivered detailed notes to the client’s database.



The Association of Commercial Professionals - Life Sciences (ACP-LS) wanted to increase attendance of their annual conference while also raising brand awareness and driving membership.  They tasked Compass with reaching out to key players in the biotech sector about the organization and conference.


Harvard Apparatus

Harvard Apparatus has a quarterly newsletter that they send electronically to their expansive database of customers and contacts.  They tasked Compass with assisting with this campaign.  Compass sent the email to the lists provided by our client.


Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies needed market research assistance with their product development pipeline. They tasked Compass with interviewing over 50 individuals involved in scientific research at leading academic institutions in the US and Canada regarding the scientist’s current practices as well as their impression of Agilent’s product concept. In the first stage of the project, Compass created a database of targets and honed an interview template. During the implementation phase, Compass conducted the interviews and provided a detailed transcript of the discussion that matched the interview guide template.  A final brief was delivered to Agilent upon completion of the project.

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